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shadows in Earthlight – a carvery of hearts

ephemeral a bright memory flutters ungrasped jasmine on my windowsill a dream´╗┐ (together or separate – I’m not sure) rain of meteors (O) presaging (O) drain of blood /^\ /^\ /^\ /^\´╗┐ Grammar and Humour a Highland greeting – but … Continue reading

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Goddesses of Love, Lust and Liberty

Jacquotte Fox Kline’s new fantasy trilogy Down Deep Inside blends Christian and ancient Greek mythologies, establishing between Heaven and Hell a city-realm in Elysium where Aphrodite rules over a renegade New Order of succubi and incubi. This is a matriarchal … Continue reading

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Who is Supergirl

Kara has lost everything. She has lost her mother, her father, her home, her whole planet even. With the irrational guilt of a survivor, she may have “characteristic symptoms including anxiety and depression, social withdrawal, sleep disturbance and nightmares, physical … Continue reading

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That Shattering Night

This one follows A Star Ignited. Blissful was that shattering night the stars like frozen tears A prisoner of kryptonite for four heart-aching years Set free at last to live her life without false mortal fears Beautiful, androgynous her nameless … Continue reading

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but who will worship you

‘no matter how you hate me; I will die I will not be forgot! a spirit of the air! but who will worship you?’ she asked, ‘not I ‘though you be the first and only man – and, why, even … Continue reading

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The sin of pride

Was it the sin of pride that set Lilith against Adam, and against God? Did she lack sufficient humility to accept her place in Eden’s hierarchy? Or did she perceive an injustice that she could not in good conscience accede … Continue reading

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Just X Found

A voice rang out, too distant to be heard A wordless song, too complex for a bird Calling, calling, it couldn’t be ignored Calling, calling, a sweet harmonic chord A dark-eyed girl stood listening, bemused Her tattered clothes a-glistening, infused … Continue reading

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