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Home Sweet Home

Back in Britain. I wasn’t looking forward to my travels of the past two weeks, but I have enjoyed seeing these parts of the world. I took a photo of this in Bangkok, but my camera chose that moment to … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour in Singapore

My first time in Singapore… How strange to be in Asia and yet people speak English. It’s very hot and humid here, but a lot greener than I expected. There was a thunderstorm this morning. I feel so tired this … Continue reading

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The Vampire and the Succubus

‘Lady S., so pleased to make your acquaintance!’ ‘And I yours, Sir V. I do enjoy the company of distinguished gentlemen such as yourself.’ ‘And I enjoy the company of ladies with such exquisite taste. I have been admiring your … Continue reading

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Professional Publishing

I have self-edited and self-published a few things now. I enjoy the process. I have been happy to publish through Amazon since I have more-or-less full control of formatting. I use Sigil to create and edit the EPUB with cover … Continue reading

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Charity Anthology ‘In Vein’, and: ‘The Slave-Girl and the Vampire’

Back at the start of July I wrote Postnatal Depression, talking about a new story I had just finished writing. Well, the story has been included in Jodie Pierce’s new anthology In Vein, the proceeds of which will go to … Continue reading

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phet thi sam (‘the third sex’)

Thailand is a huge country, and Bangkok is a huge city of concrete, wild flowers, cars and cutting-edge smart phones. The food is fantastic, and despite the reputation of spicy food, I’ve been adding extra chillis to get the kick … Continue reading

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Chasing Tail in Bangkok

First, a bit of flirty fun: Impetuousness! Keep your hands off me, good sir! (Or prove you’re a man!) Anyway, from coquetry to the divine: golden lion girls temples glisten in the rain monkeys fight giants (Monkeys are on the … Continue reading

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