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International Recognition of Gender Diversity Week

Perhaps to celebrate Supergirl’s latest addition, a transgender superhero played by transgender actress Nicole Maines, this week has been declared the very first international Recognition of Gender Diversity week. Inspired by this, here is an assortment of poems. in praise … Continue reading

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when all lies burning

when all lies burning will those who sold our country still wave their receipts? trump will come again to wade through the cold ashes of british conceit weigh anchor, europe! the british ship sails no more save to the locker … Continue reading

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I learned calculus on my knees, summing kisses to infinity as I explored the areas under her curves. I was sin to her cos as we coiled forever, one about the other, two bodies in orbital motion whispering tangents in … Continue reading

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the moon slips away… imagine our once-forests unshot with silver thundering stars bright alexis rides pegasus in pursuit of love rage to celebrate! how red that murderous eye that glares so constant

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The Wilful Blindness of Transmisogyny

cut off your penis and maybe we’ll let you in… but you’re still a man school biology taught me all I need to know – keep your false science! what misogyny? you are what we say you are – the … Continue reading

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Stopped by a Wall

chemical weapon falling from the skies and hills and stopped by a wall water’s too precious to flow to other people’s holdings with hearts and retweets drip dripping acidity and idealism their victory is measured in tears falling on gravestones … Continue reading

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friday the thirteenth never forget the witches burned without reason the witches still burn with unreasoning hatred of all that is male in primary schools they deny the statistics of children in need in the mail and times they cry … Continue reading

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Know them Not

sex: male or female? only two boxes to tick (question invalid) men are predators! know them not by heart or mind but by the penis woman is sacred defiant of men’s boxes… keep the bastards boxed! this stew of hatred … Continue reading

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As easy as that

this is no debate when one side’s screaming falsehoods and the other bleeds those poor innocents… the corridors of power echo their hatred that’s the modern world – media tirades amidst alternative facts throw ’em all under! a bloody trail … Continue reading

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Their Loss

we want a debate! why won’t you listen to our recycled fiction? arguments crafted with prejudicial wording all is fair in war such propaganda! putin and the free press agree on one thing at least… we measure success in screams … Continue reading

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