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her lips seal my fate

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… deep honey mischief shining bright! teasing beauty… irrepressible their eyes devour me with brutal lust they bind me my spirit is free pale skin unblemished sweet, succulent, virgin flesh begging to be spoiled … Continue reading

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My Dragon

My dragon stands Behind me Claws about me Talons penetrating Rivulets of bright blood Coiling Curving Her fiery breath Ignites me Burns me Melts me From the inside out My liquid self Flows Razor-sharp teeth Bite my neck My life … Continue reading

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Oral Intercourse with Alina X

Hi Alina X, welcome to Alina Meridon! I have to say: I love your name. Thank you! It means ‘light’ – but I guess you know that. Oddly enough, the Alina of Alina Meridon means ‘harbour’. Alina Meridon is ‘the … Continue reading

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Cinderella’s Night

Cinderella, listen dear, That midnight deal is good My offer is a better one I’m in a generous mood I’ll bring a gown of finest silk A stylist for your hair Shoes for which all women lust Wings to take … Continue reading

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Those hardcore lesbian pornstars again…

The lights are bright The curtains tight Cameras all around The girls are sweet A sumptuous treat They make a heavenly sound They kiss, they cuddle Legs in a muddle ’Til rhythmic balance found Lost in play They get carried … Continue reading

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Two hungry vampire chicks

Two hungry vampire chicks Wearing fishnet tights Tottering on six-inch heels Whispering delights Wrapped up warm in gossamer Charms concealed by veils Burrowing their fangs in necks (Loud their victims’ wails) Two mouths with blood-red lips Pressed in passion paired … Continue reading

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Author Interview with Francis Franklin: Vampires and the Heroic Feminine

Originally posted on Focus Writing Services:
I think author¬†Francis Franklin might be the author of the most unique subject matter and point of view I’ve come across since I’ve started interviewing. Really. Not to mention he shares valuable insights and…

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