Lesbian Succubus Diary: 6. Smoke and Mirrors

Dear Diary,

(Friday cont.)

‘I can’t see you,’ she said. I saw her lips move – no sound came out, and she faltered mid-sentence, but the thought was clear enough.

Denise tightened her hold on my arms, and twisted her head round to look at me, her blue eyes wide with fear. She looked back at the mirror, at my bedroom where she stood alone.

I hugged her tighter, remembering my own terror the first time I came here. ‘There’s no sound in the Mirror World,’ I said, ‘but we can still talk.’

‘Why can’t I see you in the mirror?’

‘Listen to me carefully, Denise. You’re about to make the biggest decision of your life, a choice that will affect your very nature. A choice to be human, or to become something else.’

‘I don’t understand,’ she said, her thoughts edging on panic.

‘Yes you do. In your heart you know. You are one step away from changing your world. You may not like what you will become, but you will never be truly happy as a human. It’s a cruel choice, I know. I chose to embrace my true nature, and I hope you do too.’

‘But what are you?’ she asked.

‘What are you?’ I echoed.

I could sense her struggling, fighting to stay human, to deny her impossible new reality. Some do. Some choose to be human, but it drives them mad. Some cross over without a guide and make the choice by accident, some even getting lost in the Mirror World.

I felt the tension ease in her. ‘What do I do?’ she asked.

‘The reflection you see is your human life. Either embrace her, or let her go.’

Still she hesitated. ‘Will I be what you are?’


‘Do you love me?’

‘Trust your instincts. In this place I cannot hide my true feelings.’

At last her thoughts calmed. She studied her reflection for a minute – I sensed her saying farewell to it – and then she let it go, and her reflection vanished.

She turned to look at me. ‘So, what exactly am I? What are you?’ She didn’t even move her lips, just projected the question straight at me.

I explained. ‘You’re a succubus, a descendent of Meridiana. You feed on sexual energy. That’s what you sensed me take from you. That’s why you said you were starving – you are. And now that you’ve chosen to embrace that side of you, the hunger will be even stronger.’

‘I don’t feel hungry now.’

‘This is the Mirror World. Nothing here is real, even your body. It is dangerous to stay here – the longer we are here, the harder it is to return. Stay long enough and you will forget your own existence. Some people come here just to die, to escape the pain and hunger of the real world.

‘When you return to the real world, that hunger will return. If you don’t feed, the hunger will take over your life completely. Now, let’s go back, so you can see what I mean. Are you ready?’


I crossed back into the real world, and watched myself in the mirror as I undressed. I could feel her watching me strip. When she did appear, her lips were pressed against mine. She must have been kissing my reflection in the Mirror World.

Denise cried out and fell to her hands and knees. I did the same thing when I returned to the real world that first time. It’s impossible to understand the hunger until you have experienced it.

I finished undressing and sat on the bed. ‘Come,’ I said. ‘Take what you need from me.’

Driven almost completely by instinct, she crawled to me and lunged between my legs, her tongue attacking my clit so hard it hurt, but the pain turned swiftly to pleasure as she worked relentlessly, pausing only to lick up the juices that flowed from me, as if determined not to waste a single drop.

I tried to surrender to the pleasure. I tried not to think about what she would do when my climax came. It wasn’t until she started pushing fingers in my pussy, feeling for the spot, that I yielded at last, my need for orgasm outweighing my fear of her.

I clenched tight as I lost myself in blissful tension and release, a perfect moment, shattered as Denise feasted on me, tore it away from me. There is no greater violation of a succubus than taking her energy. My hands pushed at Denise’s head, trying to separate us, but she clung on fiercely. She was lost in the pleasure of it, her fingers still stroking inside me, her tongue flickering at my too-sensitive clit.

I screamed at her – ‘Denise! Stop!’ – but she couldn’t hear me, and I knew I had no choice but to escape through the mirror.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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