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I Like It Hard – A publishing anniversary!

My novelette, I Like It Hard, was published by Less Than Three Press (who are currently having a sale to celebrate Pride month) this day last year. After her brother Dan loses in the final of the XXX-rated Reality TV … Continue reading

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The Sexbot as Protagonist: rules, and an excerpt

I have in the past written rules for writing vampire characters and rules for writing succubus characters, and inevitably I turn now to the rules for writing sexbot characters. I remember reading somewhere – and I wish I could find … Continue reading

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Serpent in Eden

The writing bug, when inspiration strikes, is an insect that can’t be ignored. This past holiday I have been stealing time to curl up with my iPad or iPhone and forge through the sequel to The Slave-Girl and the Vampire. … Continue reading

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The Slave-Girl and the Vampire – Excerpt

Amazon.co.ukAmazon.comgoodreadsShelfari Some explicit content, but this isn’t erotica, and the genre is more science fiction & fantasy than anything… The maid stays where she is, her legs shaking, her breasts swinging in time to her panting. Blood trickles down her … Continue reading

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The Cruel Awakening of Sarah Fielding

Sarah Fielding (born 8th November 1710) was one of England’s finest and most influential novelists. She was the sister of the novelist Henry Fielding, and half-sister of Sir John Fielding, the ‘Blind Beak of Bow Street’. (Henry and John Fielding … Continue reading

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More Free Vampires!

Free on Amazon for Kindle for five days! (21-25 February, 2013) My new release – Hrana, a vampire-fantasy novella (est. 94 pages) – is a more-or-less standalone extract from my epic-fantasy novel Kings of Infinite Space. This part of the … Continue reading

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Choosing a cover

I’m planning to publish an extract from Kings of Infinite Space as a more-or-less standalone novella. While the full novel is a long (184000 words) epic fantasy with some vampiric elements, the extract (approximately 30000 words) is the story of … Continue reading

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