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soaking up the bitter lemon

Winter & Christmas a few syllables to mark end and beginning… Happy New Year all! sky black and star-bright woods thick with fine-traced shadows haunt the icy moon Christmas is coming… tell me, goose, why settle for orthodox pleasures? a … Continue reading

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wind whistling through veins

wind whistling through veins empty of life, the blood drained that once pounded loud like joints beneath a train loud in the rattling night – the smell of iron – the tunnels abandoned now save for the whistling wind not … Continue reading

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Tender lips tracing the crimson

Bite her with care and precision! Not a drop of blood wasted Or spilled upon the ground In transgression of all that’s Holy A tear of blood is sorrowful A lonely dereliction of pleasure To be cured with a kiss … Continue reading

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Jasmine Tea

I talked with God last night Shared some hot jasmine tea We sat and watched the world on fire On BBC I said it wasn’t right To let such horrors be God just shrugged, and said, ‘No one listens to … Continue reading

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Insulting Faith and Fools

Just last week, Pope Francis said, ‘One cannot insult other people’s faith.’ I agree that it is not nice to do so, and that so long as no one is getting hurt then there is no good reason to do … Continue reading

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In dreams she rides with the howling wind Her silver blade sweeps round Awake, tormented by the world Head splitting with each sound Her maids inept, such incompetence! In uselessness she’s drowned And only in hearing their tortured screams Can … Continue reading

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Countess Erzsébet Báthory, 1575, Venice and Vampires

This book changed my life. Or, to be clearer, writing Suzie and the Monsters changed my life, but there were two books that provided major inspiration. Katharina Katt’s A Female Vampire, a dark and erotic tale about a lonely bisexual … Continue reading

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