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The City’s Riches

Like butterflies, the heroes pinned, A most disturbing sight! Wonder Woman wound with gold Batman belted tight Even mighty Superman Caged in kryptonite ‘Who will dare to stop me now?’ The fearsome villain cried ‘Give me all your riches Or … Continue reading

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Women Need No (Super)Men

‘Your cousin is a royal pain!’ hissed Kara’s Mistress X ‘I’d rid the world of all their sex they drive me quite insane!’ ‘Peace, my love, that would be bad!’ said Kara with a laugh ‘While true that we’re the … Continue reading

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pinched to perfection

An erotic sequence written for a haiku challenge… soft sweet scarlet lips breathing fire like a dragon igniting passion hands with strength of steel teasing, massaging, shaping the master claims all smooth chocolate curves corseted in silken red pinched to … Continue reading

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kiss her and sparks fly

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… I have lost a word It used to be in this line Has anyone seen it? swift trusty pencil pen mightier than the sword draughtsman versus scribe treacherous subtext drains through the filter … Continue reading

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Super Man vs Girl

Said Superman to Supergirl ‘We need to have a word, Your marriage to that Mistress X Is something quite absurd The hero’s code is “Do no wrong!” Your lines are very blurred.’ ‘Oh cousin, dear, you’re so unfair,’ Our superhero … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Would Be King

★★★★★ goodreads the girl who would be king Kelly Thompson’s The Girl Who Would Be King, published 2012, is the story of two girls with superpowers. Bonnie comes from a long line of Braverman women whose power makes … Continue reading

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The Garden And You

An experiment in erotic fiction told in second person. It’s almost too good to be true, you think. A dream job. An opportunity for seclusion, to step away from society and the burden of your life. No more electronics. No … Continue reading

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A trio of dirty limericks

There was a young woman called Alice Who proved very hard to embarrass For the length of a year She sat on her rear And sucked every sweet cock in Paris There was a young girl from Madrid Who laid … Continue reading

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Cybersex with Alina X

My friend Alina, who I once accused of being imaginary (and who refuses to provide conclusive evidence to the contrary), has forayed into erotic science fiction for her second publication. ‘It started out as a bit of a sexual fantasy,’ … Continue reading

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Captive Girl

★★★★★ goodreads Jennifer Pelland’s website Jennifer Pelland’s Captive Girl, published 2012, is an intriguing science fiction novelette with themes of love and sacrifice. It is a short read, and free, and has left me wanting to read her … Continue reading

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