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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Holly Black’s Website It’s a long time since a vampire book caught my eye. It’s difficult these days to find genre novels that are well written, thoughtful and original. Even rarer to find a YA-category novel … Continue reading

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Hrana – An extract of an extract

Hrana is the name of the main character in my epic fantasy novel Kings of Infinite Space. She is a two-thousand year old vampire, first of her kind and mother to a race of vampires, but also a warrior, a … Continue reading

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Silk Over Razor Blades

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Ileandra Young’s website Ileandra Young’s Silk Over Razor Blades, published 2015, is the first in the vampire trilogy Saar’s Legacy. There are two stories being told here, one set in present day Britain, and one in … Continue reading

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A four year anniversary for two sexy vampires

Amazon It is almost exactly four years since Suzie met Cleo in a London nightclub, and to mark that anniversary I have, for one week, dropped the price of Suzie and the Monsters – a fairytale of blood, sex and … Continue reading

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Deadly is the Female

★★★☆☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Laura Huntley’s blog LT3 Deadly is the female vampire, and especially so the lesbian vampire. Think about it. Straight female vampires always end up adoring a vastly superior alpha male vampire. Bisexual female vampires are generally … Continue reading

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Lesbian Succubus Diary & other steamy stuff

For anyone who loves my poetry and short stories so much they want to take them on holiday and show them the world (you never know), here is the latest collection of my eccentric creations. Get it from Amazongoodreads A … Continue reading

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The Vampire in the Clock Tower

The wind screamed in her ears as she fought through its invisible violence, and not for the first time she cursed the dress that furled and billowed like a great sail no matter how tightly she pulled it in. The … Continue reading

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We Are The Night (Wir sind die Nacht)

★★★★☆IMDbAmazon.co.uk We Are The Night (Wir sind die Nacht), a German film from 2010, is a very modern take on a very traditional vampire tale. A brief summary: Lena is pursued and bitten by Louise, a beautiful, wealthy and dangerous … Continue reading

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A brief history of me, or: Watch out for them lesbian vampires!

It has been an interesting few years for me. In 2011, I dusted off my epic fantasy Kings of Infinite Space, which had sat on my shelf neglected for eleven years, and self-published it through KDP. (My 2013 novella, Hrana, … Continue reading

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Countess Erzsébet Báthory, 1575, Venice and Vampires

This book changed my life. Or, to be clearer, writing Suzie and the Monsters changed my life, but there were two books that provided major inspiration. Katharina Katt’s A Female Vampire, a dark and erotic tale about a lonely bisexual … Continue reading

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