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Midnight in Sapphire City

This follows on from Sunset in Sapphire City. * The moon is bright tonight, the sky cloudless, and being only March there’s a definite chill in the air, softened by the warmth of the room behind us. This balcony looks … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Curious Slave-Girl

Here’s a bit of fun, and something you can try for yourself. The Erotica Generator will create a blurb for an erotic BDSM story for you. Here’s one I did for my series The Slave-Girl and the Vampire. (I really … Continue reading

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Three Free Fantastic Female Vampires

Free on Amazon for Kindle October 1st-5th 2014 Hrana (Excerpt from Kings of Infinite Space) OhLo, home to many sentient species, is a world of wizardry where technology is forbidden by the dragons. When Hrana, a young priestess of the … Continue reading

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The Slave-Girl and the (micro-poetic) Vampire

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon. This is themed, however, based around my novelette The Slave-Girl and the Vampire, as an experiment with AuthorBee’s storify (see here): a country mansion twelve girls in heels and corsets one vampire mistress … Continue reading

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Sunset in Sapphire City

This follows on from Sunrise in Sapphire City. * ‘Oh my God you’re pregnant!’ I close my eyes and curse Eve for bringing me here of all places on tonight of all nights. Spring Equinox. The Grand Ball. The huge … Continue reading

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Sunrise in Sapphire City

Sunrise over Sapphire City. The City of Love. Women come here from all over the world. They come alone in search of love. Couples come to celebrate their love. During the summer, the gardens and caf├ęs are crowded with them … Continue reading

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Stars in Eden

Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Shelfari I’m delighted that Regan Nicole of Lipstick Lesbian Reviews has reviewed Serpent in Eden. Only 3/5 stars, but a review is a review is a review, and I’m deeply grateful.

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