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the calculus of you – string theory

Airy Creatures careful, butterfly! the breath of your wings is felt all over the world mid-summer airshow kittyhawk and vampire fly while sunbathers freeze vampires in white coats the science of bloodsucking grows almost painless bubbling rainbows such pleasure in … Continue reading

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Naming Agamemnon’s Daughters and the Death of Iphigeneia

“the deer-shooting arrow-mistress easily rescued her and anointed her head with lovely ambrosia so that her flesh would be enduring— She made her immortal and ageless for all days.” This. This inspired my novel Kings of Infinite Space. And somehow … Continue reading

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The City Darkens

★★★★★ goodreads Sophia Martin’s blog Sophia Martin’s The City Darkens, published originally as a six-part serial in 2013, is a well written and gripping read, with excellent world-building full of details of clothing, culture and religion. There is … Continue reading

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7 – 15

Originally posted on purehaiku:
why end with a stop? on my gravestone I’ll chisel one last ellipsis ??F Franklin 2015 F Franklin is interested in unusual human nature, such as non-binary gender and sexuality, or the interplay of dark and…

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The caesium of my love

I have a remote control with which the caesium of my love may be tinkered Between this moment and the next I could stop her heart an eternity of love compressed Or I could make it race like steam through … Continue reading

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the spider spins a marvelous web

the spider spins a marvelous web and sits and bides its time while frantic humans cast aside all reason and all rhyme faster every day they go and higher ever climb unravelling the world each day – a most notorious … Continue reading

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