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Congrats, T.W.

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Merry Christmas

I’m heading off to the wintry north for a few days, so let me take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas… (There must be a rhyme in there somewhere. Wild she waved her wicked cutlass, Wished … Continue reading

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Quantum Sex & other entanglements

A celebration of love and sexuality, these verses are an erotic journey across the rainbow of human nature, encounters with mythical creatures and monsters, and even a goddess or two. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, sometimes seductive, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, … Continue reading

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* C * h * r * i * s * t * m * a * s * R * a * f * f * l * e *

Yes, you’ve seen this post before. This is a reminder. Come on people! FREE entry to win e-books! It’s Christmas! The month of raffles. And here’s another one for you to join. Here’s your chance to win! Win!! WIN!!! This … Continue reading

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The Tentacle Monster and the Nuns

With a title like Suzie and the Monsters – a fairytale of blood, sex and inhumanity, it’s no surprise, perhaps, that some people expect it to be erotica with tentacles. It’s not, of course; the monsters in the novel are … Continue reading

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The Slave-Girl and the Vampire – Excerpt Some explicit content, but this isn’t erotica, and the genre is more science fiction & fantasy than anything… The maid stays where she is, her legs shaking, her breasts swinging in time to her panting. Blood trickles down her … Continue reading

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whispering fingers

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… the man-eater prowls razor-sharp heels promise pain and will deliver whispering fingers the sole point of connection through which our love flows Caught! – a web of silk… Struggling excites my captor – … Continue reading

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