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Congrats, T.W.

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Merry Christmas

I’m heading off to the wintry north for a few days, so let me take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas… (There must be a rhyme in there somewhere. Wild she waved her wicked cutlass, Wished … Continue reading

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Quantum Sex & other entanglements

A celebration of love and sexuality, these verses are an erotic journey across the rainbow of human nature, encounters with mythical creatures and monsters, and even a goddess or two. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, sometimes seductive, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, … Continue reading

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* C * h * r * i * s * t * m * a * s * R * a * f * f * l * e *

Yes, you’ve seen this post before. This is a reminder. Come on people! FREE entry to win e-books! It’s Christmas! The month of raffles. And here’s another one for you to join. Here’s your chance to win! Win!! WIN!!! This … Continue reading

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The Tentacle Monster and the Nuns

With a title like Suzie and the Monsters – a fairytale of blood, sex and inhumanity, it’s no surprise, perhaps, that some people expect it to be erotica with tentacles. It’s not, of course; the monsters in the novel are … Continue reading

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The Slave-Girl and the Vampire – Excerpt Some explicit content, but this isn’t erotica, and the genre is more science fiction & fantasy than anything… The maid stays where she is, her legs shaking, her breasts swinging in time to her panting. Blood trickles down her … Continue reading

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whispering fingers

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… the man-eater prowls razor-sharp heels promise pain and will deliver whispering fingers the sole point of connection through which our love flows Caught! – a web of silk… Struggling excites my captor – … Continue reading

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Poetry and other nonsense

Iambic sets a strident rhythm Readers like it so And once you start you must continue Till the poem’s – No! Stop! Lies! Guns and machinery, aeroplanes too, Football and magazines, breasts through and through Over and over and over … Continue reading

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The Magic of Christmas

On Christmas Day I wake in tears An empty space beside me To knowing of another’s joy At being where I should be I hate the bastard, wish him dead, For faithless treachery For making me alone today No friends, … Continue reading

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Reality Lesbian

Q. Kelly’s Reality Lesbian, published June 2013, is an entertaining and addictive romance, and even if you hate Reality TV you’ll enjoy seeing here how it’s faked and glamourised. Lucy Marshall, straight, single, out of work, is signed up by … Continue reading

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