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a murmuration of darlings – playing the trump

Trump who has played the trump card? pyrrhus would have fled such victory how much oil to burn the unwanted? white supremacy would wash rainbows from the sky and wall out the sun twilight’s beauty a traitor to the american … Continue reading

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Love Spells and Immunity

My last post was prompted by a new novelette by Madeline Kelly, Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses, which is a romance between Aphrodite and Artemis. (I have only read the beginning and this is not a review.) I … Continue reading

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Aphrodite’s Loves

How could I not love Hephaestus? The singular passion of his love for me is a light that can never be extinguished. Even the goddess of love has need to be loved, and my husband’s divine heart is a wellspring … Continue reading

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savage beats my lover’s heart within a savage chest savage are the tearing hands that swift have me undressed deadly are the teeth that scratch along my shoulder blades deadly are the claws that stoke a fire that never fades … Continue reading

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