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till it misses

How the blood lingers as it runs Following a tickling trickling trail Laid by impatient kisses How her heart hammers – Even as it weakens it fights With passion! till it misses… Such beauty in death, a rose Beyond the … Continue reading

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The fair maid’s breast

The second of this week’s five monstrous haiku – I delight in blood – is that classic image of erotic danger from vampire tales. A fair maid’s breast is exposed and she sighs with pleasure as the sensitive skin is … Continue reading

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★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Jennifer Pelland’s website Jennifer Pelland’s Captive Girl (see review), is a slightly disturbing love story between a woman so integrated with machinery that she is effectively disabled and the scientist who needs her to be that … Continue reading

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I Like It Hard – A publishing anniversary!

My novelette, I Like It Hard, was published by Less Than Three Press (who are currently having a sale to celebrate Pride month) this day last year. After her brother Dan loses in the final of the XXX-rated Reality TV … Continue reading

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catenary – a falling between precipices contemplation of the hyperbolic geometry of lust

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savage beats my lover’s heart within a savage chest savage are the tearing hands that swift have me undressed deadly are the teeth that scratch along my shoulder blades deadly are the claws that stoke a fire that never fades … Continue reading

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She comes at midnight

She comes at midnight, I lost in sleep’s embrace A silk-clothed gift unwrapped by hot impatient teeth And velvet-touching hands that wind my satin belt About my exposed waist and captured wrists beneath She comes at midnight, I helpless as … Continue reading

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