My friend Alyth, when I asked for a photo of her that I could upload here on my blog, e-mailed me a link to Svetlana Fedoseyeva’s Romantic Girl with Curls at Shutterstock.

Photo of Alyth

My friend Alyth – at least, this is how she likes to imagine she looks.

It made me laugh, because the similarity to Alyth is uncanny. I’ve adjusted the colours a little to match Alyth a little better, but truth be told the girl in the picture has a perfection that Alyth can only aspire to.

Alyth at Equinox

Alyth celebrating the Spring Equinox.

4 Responses to Alyth

  1. Xao Thao says:

    Picture’s gorgeous. If real people looked like that, I might start to question what my sexuality was. But then again, I’m pretty not that crazy about women. Kind of difficult to even have a relationship with the busy life of a writer, living fantasies in our heads. And I have to say that I actually do like the way you write. It’s really neat. I’m sort of weird and iffy when it comes to books and even the ones that makes the Best Seller’s list a hundred times in a row. I’m very picky. I write so I know what I like and there are very few books that I like but I would definitely have to read yours. Even if that meant that I had to step out of my own comfort zone and read a book about a lesbian witch. That’s saying a lot. So I am very looking forward to getting free time to actually do some reading sometime soon. Hopefully. And your book will be one of the ones I’d read first. I think you did an awesome job and I hope all the rest of your stories are as good as this one. Only one way to find out and when I get there, I will let you know. Good job. ^_^

    • Frank says:

      Thank you for the comment. I wish you luck with your writing and with your real and virtual relationships – I too struggle to balance those… 🙂

  2. I love your sense of humour – found Alyth celebrating the spring equinox very amusing!

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