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The Loveless Princess

★★★★☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Less Than Three Press Lilian Bodley’s The Loveless Princess, published May 2017, is a fairytale with an aromantic heroine. A heroine who is a princess, and a princess must love her prince. Everyone knows that… Princess … Continue reading

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Aphrodite’s Loves

How could I not love Hephaestus? The singular passion of his love for me is a light that can never be extinguished. Even the goddess of love has need to be loved, and my husband’s divine heart is a wellspring … Continue reading

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Open Skies

★★★★☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Yolande Kleinn’s blog Yolande Kleinn’s Open Skies, published March 2016, is an enjoyable space novella giving us a glimpse of a galactic civilisation in which many spacefaring species coexist, for the most part peacefully but echoes … Continue reading

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The world is full of boys and girls I guess I’m one or other But really I am happiest When thinking I’m another The boys are chasing girls and boys The fewer clothes the better Attracted to the triple-X – … Continue reading

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Sunrise in Sapphire City

Sunrise over Sapphire City. The City of Love. Women come here from all over the world. They come alone in search of love. Couples come to celebrate their love. During the summer, the gardens and cafés are crowded with them … Continue reading

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Imaginary Love

‘I’m cruelly deceived, oh dear sister mine, I fell for a woman I thought quite divine I wooed her with poetry, chocolates too, With bouquets of roses, and violets blue At each sweet advance she said, “Leave me be.” I … Continue reading

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Quantum Sex & other entanglements

A celebration of love and sexuality, these verses are an erotic journey across the rainbow of human nature, encounters with mythical creatures and monsters, and even a goddess or two. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, sometimes seductive, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, … Continue reading

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Steel Beneath the Skin

Niall Teasdale’s Steel Beneath the Skin, published 2011, is one of those books that makes me itch to write. Aneka Jansen, kidnapped by aliens in 2011, is reborn as a cyborg a thousand years in the future, in an omnisexual … Continue reading

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A World Without Men

AlexKellyOC today mentioned the idea of a world without men, and that scientists are working to make it possible. It’s an interesting subject. In 2011, Prof. Karim Nayernia at Newcastle University succeeded in creating ‘primitive sperm cells with female embryonic … Continue reading

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Anniversary – Sweet Surprise

The face I love is sculpted fine With laughter lines With gentle mirth The face I love to love is mine To kiss all night To kiss ’til light The hands I love are firm and sure From kneading dough … Continue reading

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