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Wasting Away in Deadsville

KT Grant’s Wasting Away in Deadsville, published in 2012, is a short story with a cover girl reminiscent of Underworld’s Selene. Ginny, our heroine, is the last sentient being in Manhattan, and she’s a vampire, bored and lonely. Zombies, it … Continue reading

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Girls of the Night

I have a thing for bisexual female vampires, and indeed female vampires generally, whether straight, lesbian or other. It’s even a major theme in both my novels, with Suzie (lead singer of Suzie and the Monsters) being pansexual, and Hrana … Continue reading

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Hardcore Lesbian Pornstars

Just a short, sweet & sexy story… The first time I met Sanja we were at opposite ends of a long, blue, double-ended dildo. I like to tell people that that was our first kiss, our lips pressed tenderly together … Continue reading

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Alyth’s erotic dream

My friend Alyth has been very quiet for the past week. I assumed this meant Cray had reappeared and was keeping her well… entertained. So I was a little startled last night to see a new photo on Facebook of … Continue reading

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Blood, Sex and Inhumanity

When writing Suzie and the Monsters, I wanted to strip away all the absurdities that go hand-in-hand with so much modern vampire fiction. I didn’t want to write a horror story with an evil monster, but I did want to … Continue reading

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Alyth and the incubus

My friend Alyth arrived unanticipated at my door this morning, looking disheveled and exhausted. ‘Coffee,’ she said, pushing her way inside and kicking off her muddy trainers. ‘Give me coffee.’ By the time I returned from the kitchen, maybe three … Continue reading

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Alyth’s anger

My friend Alyth is not particularly impressed with my last post, saying that it just shows my ignorance of witchcraft and Scottish history, and I dare say she’s correct. ‘Also,’ she added, continuing to scold me, ‘by turning it into … Continue reading

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