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Haiku Nookie 2014

In March 2014 I joined a community called Haiku Nook where many very talented poets share and discuss haiku. I want to make a record of the 200+ haiku I’ve so far shared mostly only in that community (from laziness … Continue reading

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A Vow of Deception

★★★☆☆ goodreads Jill H. O’Bones’s website Jill H. O’Bones’s A Vow of Deception (or The Second Vow in the trilogy The Vows), published 2012, is the sequel to A Vow of Tears. This has been on my read/review … Continue reading

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Elevator Seduction

The elevator came to an abrupt halt and the lights went out. The emergency lighting spluttered briefly for a few seconds, then gave me one final wink – of approval perhaps – before casting us into utter blackness. By the … Continue reading

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