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The Starry Mind of Barbara G. Tarn

Last week I posted a review of Niall Teasdale’s Steel Beneath the Skin with the bisexy cyborg Aneka Jansen. This week I encountered another bisexy cyborg in Barbara G. Tarn’s Women – which has the most fantastic cover ever! Er, … Continue reading

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Defining the Bitch

‘Tell me,’ J.D. Crawford asks, ‘what do you believe defines a bitch? Also, what do people do, say or look like to create certain judgments?’ My reply, yesterday, cheeky-but-serious, was: ‘A bitch is a female who is independent and/or successful … Continue reading

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Listen to the women squawking, hear them hiss and tut, See the way they scowl and glare, and whisper ‘Evil slut!’ Satisfaction’s what they want, their husbands give them none, It makes them angry seeing someone clearly having fun.

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What is a man?

“But what,” she asked, in evident perplexity, “what is a man?” I must have read John Wyndham’s Consider Her Ways in my early teens. I went through a definite phase of reading every Wyndham book I could get hold of, … Continue reading

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A World Without Men

AlexKellyOC today mentioned the idea of a world without men, and that scientists are working to make it possible. It’s an interesting subject. In 2011, Prof. Karim Nayernia at Newcastle University succeeded in creating ‘primitive sperm cells with female embryonic … Continue reading

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Women Behaving Badly

‘Women are the masters of indirect aggression,’ Alana Munro says. ‘Indirect aggression is a soup that stews on and on for years. It endlessly chips away at a woman’s sense of self. Eroding her self-worth day in, day out.’ Women … Continue reading

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The Romantic Spellchecker

I’m delighted to have a short story published in an anthology, the proceeds of which will go to the charity Eaves for Women (more details below). The book is called Pick ’N’ Mix: Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com My short story is An … Continue reading

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