Lesbian Succubus Diary: 9. High-Altitude Love

Dear Diary,

Lake Constance (the one in New Zealand) is lovely this time of year. It’s a high-altitude lake surrounded by dangerously steep slopes, and passing walkers are rare. It’s a great place for some nude swimming – or nude flying, if you happen to have huge bat-wings and a tail.

My girlfriend’s wings are scarlet red
Her tail is midnight blue
Beneath my lover nude I swam
And over me she flew

Here in London it’s a cold, wet winter. There the summer is warm – not too warm – but still wet on and off. The thirteen hour time difference means that while it’s day here, it’s night there, so while I’ve been at work she’s been halfway round the world learning to fly.

I adore watching her fly. There’s a narrow beach where we make love. It’s not very comfortable for me; the wings are a complication that works to her advantage – she’s almost invariably on top. She has also learned some uses for her tail that would surprise evolution.

Yesterday Denise was getting agitated and a little snappish, the way I get when I’m starting to get hungry. Last night I went to see Oscar, who’s always up (very up) for a bit of consensual fun. I love his gorgeous body – he’s still playing squash regularly – but it’s the size of his bedroom and the height of his ceiling that made him my choice.

‘I want to tie you up,’ I whispered by his ear, pushing my breasts against his muscular chest, my hands pulling his hardening length, his concealed weapon, tight against the crotch of my jeans. ‘I want to blindfold you, and then my girlfriend and I are going to ride you all night long…’

He grinned. He didn’t ask any questions. When it comes to sex and the possibility of a threesome, men really are that easy. He let me strip him and tie him to the bed, arms together above his head. ‘Back in a mo’,’ I said, and went to fetch Denise.

We had a great time, taking turns riding his cock, the other straddling his face. The room was large enough for Denise to spread her wings, and positioned like that we were able to kiss and caress each other while Oscar pleasured us. I used my power to keep him hard and eager for hours, and he must have come a dozen times before exhaustion overwhelmed him and not even I could keep him conscious. Oscar enjoyed us, for sure, but we enjoyed him more, feasting on his energy, drinking long and deep. It will take him a few days to recover from that.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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