Lesbian Succubus Diary: 7. Batgirl

Dear Diary,

Is there anything sexier than a woman with wings?

Denise phoned me while I was having lunch. I must have left her a hundred messages since Saturday morning. I know I literally disappeared on her on Friday night, abandoning her for hours at her most vulnerable moment, but it’s difficult being around someone who has just violated you, even if it is someone you love and you invited them to do it.

And besides, I desperately needed to feed at that point, having been hungry myself even before she started sucking away my energy. I went straight to my favourite swingers’ club and dived in, losing myself in pleasure until dawn.

I returned to my flat to discover Denise was gone. There were several missed calls from her on my phone. Since then I’ve looked for her everywhere I can think of, both sides of the mirror. I spoke to her brother. ‘She came home Friday night,’ he said, ‘looking like she’d been in a fight, and went straight to her room. We haven’t seen her since.’

She didn’t come to work yesterday, or today. She didn’t answer her phone or send me any messages. I was really quite anxious, and feeling not a little guilty.

So it was a profound relief to hear her voice today. ‘Denise!’ I shouted, in the middle of the cafeteria. ‘Where are you?’

‘Your place,’ she said, her voice shaky.

‘Stay there. I’ll be right over.’

Less than a minute later I was standing in front of her. She was sitting on the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of trainers, and looking thoroughly dejected.

‘Nice wings,’ I said carefully. They are beautiful wings. Giant bat wings, scarlet with black veins, growing out from behind and below her shoulder blades. They spread out around her, filling half the room. ‘Not so sure about the tail, though.’

Denise looked at me with big, sad eyes. ‘When you didn’t come back on Friday, I went home. I needed to think about everything. I started seeing people’s auras, and my spine was killing me. I tried to sleep, but my back hurt too much, and just when I thought the pain couldn’t get any worse, these wings burst out. Small at first, but they kept growing, and this stupid tail kept getting longer.’

I chuckled. ‘Actually, it’s quite sexy, though it will make it difficult to wear knickers.’ The idea of Denise in a short, backless dress with wings, a tail and no knickers was making me very wet. ‘And those wings are gorgeous. I wish I had wings.’ I sat down on the bed beside her and ran my fingers across the delicate membrane.

‘Oh God that feels good,’ she said, smiling a little. ‘I don’t understand. Why do I have wings and you don’t?’

‘It could be worse. You could have horns and faun’s legs. But it’s very rare. Meri has wings and a tail, and she hides them somehow. Maybe she can show you how.’

Denise’s relief was intense. I straddled her so that I could caress both her wings while I kissed her. I would have spent the rest of the afternoon making love to her if I hadn’t needed to get back to work.

But she was still on my bed when I got home, and after pizza and beer we picked up where we’d left off.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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