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till it misses

How the blood lingers as it runs Following a tickling trickling trail Laid by impatient kisses How her heart hammers – Even as it weakens it fights With passion! till it misses… Such beauty in death, a rose Beyond the … Continue reading

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The fair maid’s breast

The second of this week’s five monstrous haiku – I delight in blood – is that classic image of erotic danger from vampire tales. A fair maid’s breast is exposed and she sighs with pleasure as the sensitive skin is … Continue reading

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Hrana – An extract of an extract

Hrana is the name of the main character in my epic fantasy novel Kings of Infinite Space. She is a two-thousand year old vampire, first of her kind and mother to a race of vampires, but also a warrior, a … Continue reading

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He took her breath away. Immaculately dressed, oozing confidence, deep blue eyes that penetrated her soul and stirred within her a hunger unlike anything she had ever known. He had the perfection of youth unmarred by wrinkles, but was a … Continue reading

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Bright words of evergreen

WordPress.com has just wished me a Happy Anniversary. We’ve been together for four years now. No doubt in another three I’ll get itchy fingers and start flirting with younger blogging sites… A maid drew me hither untouched by man Through … Continue reading

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Windows dark as blackest night

High the turrets proudly spear the burning twilight sky Embers of a falling sun beyond the castle lie Windows dark as blackest night upon the forest spy Swift like shadows silent shapes through branches fly and fall Raging hoofbeats pound … Continue reading

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Silk Over Razor Blades

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Ileandra Young’s website Ileandra Young’s Silk Over Razor Blades, published 2015, is the first in the vampire trilogy Saar’s Legacy. There are two stories being told here, one set in present day Britain, and one in … Continue reading

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Where is my love?

Where is my love, she’s lost, she’s lost her way along the shadowed way Where is her candle, once so bright it dimmed the sun at height of day Where is the earth she treads, she treads so soft, her … Continue reading

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A four year anniversary for two sexy vampires

Amazon It is almost exactly four years since Suzie met Cleo in a London nightclub, and to mark that anniversary I have, for one week, dropped the price of Suzie and the Monsters – a fairytale of blood, sex and … Continue reading

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Kill me, Supergirl

such a scream it was, it tore the air and brave souls scurried away in fear no cry for help this, but of despair of horror, all trembled that could hear even she, who laughed at mortal fears woke shivering … Continue reading

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