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Another Super Rant – What the ’El?

While it’s great to have a prominent and positive lesbian relationship in Supergirl, I can’t help feeling the message is: “Kara is (and always will be) 100% straight, but we’ll let you have the sister.” This insistence on Kara’s straightness … Continue reading

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Refusing the Veil

Veiled Feminism? I saw a video the other day, in the form of a gifset on Tumblr. The phrase that resonates most with people is, “the liberation lies in the choice.” It’s a noble sentiment. People should be free to … Continue reading

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Wheeling to Perdition – Rescuing Women from the Bicycle

Reading 1896 newspaper articles on the subject of women riding bicycles, the impression is that dissenting voices were few and far between. One of the most outspoken critics was the Woman’s Rescue League. In Raising More Hell and Fewer Dahlias: … Continue reading

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Poetic Justice: In search of Supergirl

I have always been a huge fan of Superman. Batman and Spiderman are kinda cool too, but Superman is something very different. Perhaps because he is a man of absolutes: unmatchable strength, with a fatal weakness. Mainly, I would say, … Continue reading

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Defining the Bitch

‘Tell me,’ J.D. Crawford asks, ‘what do you believe defines a bitch? Also, what do people do, say or look like to create certain judgments?’ My reply, yesterday, cheeky-but-serious, was: ‘A bitch is a female who is independent and/or successful … Continue reading

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Twice Bitten

R.G. Emanuelle’s Twice Bitten, published 2012, is a lesbian romance with a vampire twist. Fiona, after searching for her one true love for several decades, believes Rose is the one and is determined that Rose will be her eternal companion. … Continue reading

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Women Behaving Badly

‘Women are the masters of indirect aggression,’ Alana Munro says. ‘Indirect aggression is a soup that stews on and on for years. It endlessly chips away at a woman’s sense of self. Eroding her self-worth day in, day out.’ Women … Continue reading

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The Naming of Women

Observations and experiences like these are depressingly common, but I stumbled across two today. The first was Kristen Cashore talking about why she has chosen to no longer interact via social media (FAQ: Why don’t you allow comments on your … Continue reading

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