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“Leave!” yelled Loonquawl. “Is that all you’ve got to show for seven and a half million years’ work?” “I checked it very thoroughly,” said the computer, “and that quite definitely is the answer. I think the problem, to be quite … Continue reading

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Vote Leave!

“O husband, dear, I tire of you I yearn for someone new To cast aside all rules and care And find adventure true.” “Sweet wife, we’ve built a family And calmed ancestral rage Side by side we’ve weathered this Too … Continue reading

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Brits choose to live in interesting times

There was a small island called Britain Which with dreams of great riches was smitten The lawyers all smiled As paperwork piled And the constitution was rewritten

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Forged with a mercurial temper

List carefully, and beware, my blade is forged with a mercurial temper Hither have I flown on quick silver wings with the sun blazing righteous behind me I speak with the voice of man – of mankind – with the … Continue reading

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Helen and Paris

spartan queen asking nothing for herself but herself of course helen fled an unloving heart cannot be endured beauty is a gift that a husband must keep chained no matter the tears a thousand ships launched? sails filled with whispers … Continue reading

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The Gull-Kings

“The Channel isn’t deep enough,” the raucous Gull-Kings cried “We need to dig a deeper trench to keep them on their side “Their interference far too long has muddied all our ways A simple life we’ll have without their bureaucratic … Continue reading

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What If? Saturday Morning Twittering with Saint Peter

what if saint petermeasures souls in syllables? (fewer the better) what if the stairway has a step for each promise broken selfishly? what if – oh! what if! – fame and fortune can be yours with just one more tweet? … Continue reading

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Elusive Radiance

★★★★★ Pride Publishing Aidee Ladnier’s blog Goodreads Amazon Kobo iBooks Barnes and Noble Aidee Ladnier had a lovely guest post on this blog last month (Why I Love Science Fiction Romance) and I was curious enough to pick up her … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Aromancing Cinderella, by Francis James Franklin

Originally posted on Vampires, Crime and Angels…Eclectic Me:
Breaking the Glass Slipper I often poke fun at Cinderella, rewriting the fairytale in different ways but always denying it a romantic ending. I have a romantic heart and I love…

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