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Denying Herself

should we test at birth? certify the chromosomes? binary only… where is it written – the rules for male and female? on tablets of stone? “Women are XX!” one crier in a thousand denying herself how cinderella, the definitive woman, … Continue reading

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The Loveless Princess

★★★★☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Less Than Three Press Lilian Bodley’s The Loveless Princess, published May 2017, is a fairytale with an aromantic heroine. A heroine who is a princess, and a princess must love her prince. Everyone knows that… Princess … Continue reading

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A cape as red as rose

Basket swinging, fair voice singing through the forest Lil Eve goes On swift sure feet her gran to meet her cape as red as rose “Play with me,” a young wolf cries “I’m all alone in here!” “No no!” she … Continue reading

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down by the rushing river

down by the rushing river, there I laid our noble queen whose sorcery so beguiled the king’s proud daughter, that fairest maid who, for her crime of beauty, in shade I led, deep in the forest, poor child, down by … Continue reading

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The Three Crowns of Sendahir

In the distant land of Sendahir, where the sun is fiercely hot and people have darker skin than ours, a king and queen ruled during a time of peace and plenty. And yet, they were unhappy, because although the high … Continue reading

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Cinderella’s Night

Cinderella, listen dear, That midnight deal is good My offer is a better one I’m in a generous mood I’ll bring a gown of finest silk A stylist for your hair Shoes for which all women lust Wings to take … Continue reading

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words like copper wire

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… the goddess reclines the faithful drink sacred wine they serve her pleasure ‘What big teeth you have!’ ‘All the better to bite you. ‘Come, my pretty girl…’ words like copper wire unseen forces … Continue reading

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The Frying Pan of Fate

I want to share a couple of links. First up, an unusual and very entertaining fairytale: The Beautiful Mermaid. Second – entirely unrelated – a post by Dianne Harman: Eight Deal Breaker Words on a Book Blurb. Writing a blurb … Continue reading

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An Aromantic Romance and other tales

Amazon.co.ukAmazon.comgoodreadsShelfari Fairytales, romance and vampires – a collection of short stories and poems. An Aromantic Romance Andy needs more than friendship from Nina, and Nina has agreed to act romantic – for one day a week, anyway. Can they make … Continue reading

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Little Redcape and the Wolf

This was written at the same time as yesterday’s Stiletto Cinderella, a time in my life when I was reading a lot of fairytales. There were once three sweet little girls who were loved by everyone who so much as … Continue reading

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