shadows in Earthlight – a carvery of hearts

a bright memory flutters

jasmine on my windowsill a dream

(together or separate – I’m not sure)

rain of meteors
(O) presaging (O)
drain of blood
/^\  /^\  /^\  /^\

Grammar and Humour

a Highland greeting –
but mind just how you say it –
to a cow: ‘Hi, Coo!’

do not believe me
when I tell you that I lie –
an honest deceit

old pedant’s footsteps’
faltering rhythm’s a soft
sibilant’s striding

pursued by pedants
one grammatical misstep
and… Apostrophe!

epic robbery
of England’s supremacy
hear them cry: ‘We was -

never a cross word
that didn’t upset meaning
three down: poem (5)

haiku needs not rhyme
it doesn’t, most of the time
if it does? no crime…

Playing on Films

golden monkey god
guarded by tarantulas
and a giant ball

in search of treasure
even a hero may need
a goddamn partner

there are times indeed
when the length of a man’s staff
is most important

lift the lid and bask
in divinity and death
to meet your maker

silver shoes turned red
how many hearts were wounded
by their enchantment?

Susan plays Dvořák
passion’s flame between her thighs
Jack on piano

sinners in the church
with daggers in hand they play
hire and salary

Dragon Wings

my wit is sharpened
and weighted with pencil lead
but I write with blood

ephemeral blood!
eternity’s my canvas
time erases all

I walk a tight line
my high perch precarious
and I cannot fly

a black-scaled dragon
I leapt from hell’s deep shadows
and soared into flight

look not at my wings
a passing echo! for I
fly faster than light

once I was alone
mistress of all I surveyed
my will uncontested

what use possessions
without a companion
to share my riches?

my heart in pieces
I searched the world for fragments
love is a jigsaw

Errant Thoughts

nine-tailed wind whipping leaves ice on the ground

the sun too yearns

tears watering can of news

th s snowman has wh ted h s eyes

camel coffee – one hump or two?

small screen heroes larger than life

war heroes – soccer victory

A Lonely F/F Tea Party

I’m bound with roses
thorns bright against soft-kissed flesh
I weep from your love

scissoring for two
a wrapping of Christmas gifts
in colourful sheets

black silky ribbon
soft as kisses strong as steel
teasing my fingers

angels from heaven falling
grains of sand
hourglass perfection

her breath moves mountains
and sets the world a-trembling
tidal waves washing


an empty sea shell
whispers to my ear alone
a littoral truth

candles on the cake
another year up in smoke

future maybes
a carvery of hearts
first date

long lazy weekend
so boring I slept through it
utter perfection

winter fox
at the hens’ legs

accursed echo!
how the absence of his song
is thus magnified

lions roar unheard
razor claws tearing the night
we tremble at dust

footprints in the sand
static grains dancing breathless
shadows in Earthlight

too many black spots
lady, your home is on fire
and the children flee

old tv still dressing up
on his deathbed

advance with caution
ladders slip too easily
amidst hungry snakes

dolls on stage perform
invisible strings a web
to keep puppets glued

island of safety
a glint of sharp steel cutting
the dark shroud of night

sex a sacred joy
reduced to profanity
by souls in darkness

embers of my life
fall from between my fingers
ashes in my hair

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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6 Responses to shadows in Earthlight – a carvery of hearts

  1. Frank says:

    Included in Haiku Today on Monday 30th November, 2015.

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    You certainly are prolific.

  3. BroadBlogs says:

    How about both? Prolific and great?

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