Interview with a Vampire: What question would you ask?

Blog awards are great, especially for new and aspiring bloggers, since they show that you are appreciated and give you a chance to express your appreciation for others. I’m deeply grateful for the awards I’ve received lately.

However, most require you to answer a bunch of random questions and offer random facts about yourself. This isn’t particularly easy to do, and usually isn’t very interesting either to write or to read. For example, why would anyone want to know what my favourite film is? That sort of question is fine when you’re chatting with a group of friends, but… in a blog? I could, I suppose, write a whole blog post listing my ten favourite films with explanations of why I love them – and maybe I will, one day if I’m in the mood – but I’d much rather talk about vampires and write erotic poetry.

And after a while you may start to get nominated for awards you already have, and you think, ‘Can I really be bothered to accept it again? Why should I talk about myself when I’ve got more interesting things to talk about?’

But it occurred to me that it would be far more fun to imagine how one of my characters would respond to these questions and demands for personal facts. (‘Q. Do you have any pets?’ ‘A. Do humans count?’) Each time I accepted the same award I could choose a different character.

Which brings us to the title of this post: Interview with a Vampire. If you got the chance to ask a vampire a question – any one question – what would it be?

I have an idea to create a new blog award (see Vampire Lover Blog Award).

vampire lover blog award

I’m asking for people to submit questions that vampires can choose to answer. I need about twenty questions. Each question selected will have a short description with it saying who submitted the question and giving a link to their blog. I will also nominate all these blogs for the Liebster Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blog Award, as well (of course) as the Vampire Lover Blog Award.

So – questions please! Don’t forget to give me your name, a link to your blog, and a short description (max. 30 words) to go with the question if it is selected.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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16 Responses to Interview with a Vampire: What question would you ask?

  1. If I could ask a vampire one thing it would be, If you had a chance to be human again what is one thing you would do?

  2. demonsangel says:

    Is it true you have to be an old vampire to fly or teleport ( being one place, disappearing, and showing up where ever you want to?) Or if you were turned by a very old, strong vampire does that give you the ability to do those things like flying or teleport that other vampires do?demosangel

    I asked because I’m always reading about vampires who can do this but they have to be old. But I’ve also read books that all vampires can do this.

    I don’t have a blog started yet but I want to get it going. I’m not that computer savy. If my ? was to get chosen that would be great even if I wouldn’t get an award. I do have WordPress,Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,Google+, and Tumblr. I can also be reached on GoodReads and at angie1977t@

    • Frank says:

      Hi Angela – thanks for the question. If you can’t use the award(s), you can always nominate someone else’s blog…

      • demonsangel says:

        Ok, that’s a fantastic idea. This doesn’t apply to the blod ? but I’ve never read any of your books. Will you ever have any on Amazon free for UK and US? Have you given Audible any thought? I can recommend a great narrator and you only need one to do all voices.

      • Frank says:

        I may have some free days in August, but you can always work your way through Alyth here:

        I’ll give Audible some thought and get back to you. Is your narrator British?

      • demonsangel says:

        I can send you my top 10 favorite narrators.It doesn’t matter if it’s a female or male. A great narrator can change their voice to each character in a book. They don’t have to be British because they can change their voice to be British and no one would ever know they aren’t really British. Did you know James Masters, (Spike,from BuffyVampi Slayer show) is a narrator for Audible?I love listening to audio books. I think it’s worth it because your reaching out to other people. I love listening to new audio books and finding new authors. If I like the audio, I then buy the book. It’s something to think about. If you decide you want to give it a try let me know. I can send you the author website and narrators you should ask for. I then can send all your books or the ones you want me to. I will just have to get the titles,your name, and how they can reach you.

      • Frank says:

        Spike, eh? I do like him.

        If I did any book audio it would be Suzie and the Monsters, and that’s narrated first person by Suzie who’s very much a London girl.

  3. Is “live” blood more beneficial than Bagged blood? Is it true that the last blood from a dying person is sweeter due to their fear of death?

  4. Firstly, thank you for the nomination for the other award and note that I’ve finally got round to acknowledging it on the blog. I hope this is still open. If so, I’d ask what they think of the recent fashion for vampire books and films and whether it’s made their life harder or easier. G

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