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A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.

3 – 15

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sharks chasing the blood savage turmoil in their wake the gull’s mourning cry ?? Francis James Franklin 2018 Francis James Franklin has a contrary sense of humour and a passion for writing; his blog is littered…

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’Ware the breaking apostrophe! It’s invasive – isn’t it? – That possessive serpent’s tail… A word-shatterin’ catastrophe

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In (binary) days of old

In days of old, you either had a penis or you didn’t. If you did, you were considered a man. If not, then a women. Anyone who didn’t conform was killed, locked in the attic/madhouse, or simply ignored. The binary … Continue reading

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The Trans Debate

“Gender identity isn’t a real thing. It’s completely unscientific. Male and female are biological facts, like having breasts or having a penis. This is your sex, and the evidence is plain to see. You’re one or the other, and you … Continue reading

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The TERF’s Refrain

I tell you I’m a woman born My genes are XX pure No man who’s had his penis shorn Can share what I endure Me and mine have suffered long The patriarchal hand This talk of gender is all wrong … Continue reading

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Atomic Gender

Eve was no woman for she was made from a man! the original sin… how dare they say God is androgynous! if so, he’s the Devil black and white are writ in the bible of my soul! grey is heresy … Continue reading

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the days are getting darker

dinosaurs roam still – so many special snowflakes all dressed up in blue safe spaces trampled right-wing politicians cry for no no platform how bare the grass! though it is greener… (I’m sure it will grow) why doesn’t she listen! … Continue reading

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