a murmuration of darlings – playing the trump


who has played the trump card?
pyrrhus would have fled
such victory

how much oil to burn the unwanted?

white supremacy
would wash rainbows from the sky
and wall out the sun
twilight’s beauty a traitor
to the american dream

words thick
with tangled webs
a shroud
for truth
visible breath

the american way
no longer paved
with good intentions

president’s day
every dog
has one

banish all peacocks!
don’t magpies deserve their share
of adulation?

he washes away
all trace of self-delusion
the heart is ugly

did I not tell you
this aryan superman cares
for none but himself

a gold-crazed dragon
guarding his lonely mountain
the eagles have flown

a romantic month?
kings, queens and aces of hearts:
beware of the trump!
a knave has shuffled this deck

Cats, Perhaps

at the sight of a mouse
what the cat dragged in

I measure pleasure
with a yardstick
and a dog

a winter witchcraft
my black cat wears
thick socks

my kitten heart
is pure

I write with squid ink
on crisp sheets of lasagna
digestible words

bear with honey paws for thought

when the bees are gone
what endearments will be left?

tenderness no defence \ chef’s blade

no more
fish suppers

why must I endure
cuddles for food

Ice & Snow

tired of snow that falls no longer

fighting fate
a snowball sails
into hell

beat of my heart frozen river of tears

cold cheeks
dimples in the snow
where they sat

black ice a comet far from home

how tears fall from this icy dagger
at winter’s end

the coldest month was last year
or the year before
I forget

snow fall of ice t’opical flow

global warming
even the yeti
drops her knickers
the ice-breaker
sings her last

immortalised in vinyl – winter cough

I watch from the fire
a blanket laid

crunching ice
beneath the callous sun I
wind through the trees

Intimacy & Valentines

my sweetheart holds me
catching breath
between laces

of a secret shared
twitter feed

the old songs are best
to celebrate love with wine
is loving indeed

post valentine’s
a murmuration of darlings
still echoes

dearest valentine
bestow thy kisses elsewhere
they are too costly

no greater gift
than a gift of pleasure

paper-wrapped words beneath ribbon
i take a bow


worship the ultimate
displacement activity

of life
battery charger

dark stanza
the seductive rhyme ends
in delight

of a prompt repeated
once is never enough

family decoration – we ornament
the lounge suite

king arthur’s haiku
was writ in battlefield blood
how green english grass

no joke in the cracker
surprise ending

industry of sound bell making waves

fearful footsteps
an angel treads
on a pinpoint

what warmth in passion’s embers?

weight of tears breaking a smile

I dip my relishes
in adoration

a brittle haiku
writ upon a golden leaf
dispatched with the wind

red-penning haiku
I mark my enjoyment
of a papercut

tide and time…
are we attached to the moon
or the moon to us?

leather boots
baby steps
in minecraft

from stiletto’s point to first flash
I measure my admiration

hot chocolate…
why ruin perfection
with marshmallows

local news again
is it time to open my eyes?

thin fog
wherever I look
whatever the weather

the dishwasher’s grumbling
percussion of unused plates

canyons on mars
an unsubtle brush records
the tears of war

drawn in the sand deadline

faith is the beginning
how deep the roots
of the olive tree

I take a day off
leaping imagination
three years out of four

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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