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I Like It Hard – A publishing anniversary!

My novelette, I Like It Hard, was published by Less Than Three Press (who are currently having a sale to celebrate Pride month) this day last year. After her brother Dan loses in the final of the XXX-rated Reality TV … Continue reading

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a murmuration of darlings – playing the trump

Trump who has played the trump card? pyrrhus would have fled such victory how much oil to burn the unwanted? white supremacy would wash rainbows from the sky and wall out the sun twilight’s beauty a traitor to the american … Continue reading

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Vote Leave!

“O husband, dear, I tire of you I yearn for someone new To cast aside all rules and care And find adventure true.” “Sweet wife, we’ve built a family And calmed ancestral rage Side by side we’ve weathered this Too … Continue reading

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The Gull-Kings

“The Channel isn’t deep enough,” the raucous Gull-Kings cried “We need to dig a deeper trench to keep them on their side “Their interference far too long has muddied all our ways A simple life we’ll have without their bureaucratic … Continue reading

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