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a murmuration of darlings – playing the trump

Trump who has played the trump card? pyrrhus would have fled such victory how much oil to burn the unwanted? white supremacy would wash rainbows from the sky and wall out the sun twilight’s beauty a traitor to the american … Continue reading

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soaking up the bitter lemon

Winter & Christmas a few syllables to mark end and beginning… Happy New Year all! sky black and star-bright woods thick with fine-traced shadows haunt the icy moon Christmas is coming… tell me, goose, why settle for orthodox pleasures? a … Continue reading

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Haiku Nookie 2014

In March 2014 I joined a community called Haiku Nook where many very talented poets share and discuss haiku. I want to make a record of the 200+ haiku I’ve so far shared mostly only in that community (from laziness … Continue reading

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