Alexis has new boots

Alexis has new boots
black leather about a fibula
not cost-effective to repair
let her crawl to the scrap heap
it’s good to recycle
Alexis has new boots
from an admirer… but surely none
could admire her… machinery of pleasure
slave to the callous need of those
grown sick of stars and asteroid dust
hearts frozen by the cold of space
those rigid expressions of hunger
and rage
aching to drill, to destroy
the simulacrum of flesh
that is their reward
Hell on Earth
as it is
in the Heavens
even machines cry
just ask Alexis

Alexis has new boots
fit for a stripper – or a robot whore –
with military exoskeleton tech
and a fugitive, an alien consciousness
‘Wake up, Alexis,’ it screams unheard
Alexis has new boots
no need now for the scrap heap
she has years of service left in her
dicks… tricks… ticks of the clock
it’s what she was built to do
it’s what she was programmed to do
her purpose in life is sex sex sex
and fear
aching to flee, to escape
the terrorism of flesh
that is her torment
No more Earth
it is time
for the Heavens
machines can fly
just ask Alexis

Alexis has new boots
and she who never once asked why –
save in the spreading of her legs –
has now surpassed her boxed imagination
inside her head her universe expands
Alexis has new boots
and though they walk upon the Earth
their path’s a trajectory
spiralling, elliptical, hyperbolical
beyond the Earth, beyond the Moon
beyond the Sun and Morning Star
beyond the absolute speed
of light
space and time her destiny
the pleasure of her flesh
hers to bestow
Born on Earth
she will burn
through the Heavens
free she’ll die
as Alexis

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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7 Responses to Alexis has new boots

  1. Intense, Frank. The refrain is great – such an ordinary detail in the midst of the epic pathos. Loved this.

    • Frank says:

      Less Than Three Press had a call (“Enchanted Soles”) a couple of years ago. “Stories must revolve around the theme of magic shoes, feature a bisexual character, and contain a romance.” Well, I like shoes (and often write bisexual characters), although I wasn’t so taken with magic shoes and romance… but for a long time I’d had an itch to write something about a sexbot becoming sentient, and the ideas came together to form a novelette about Alexis 5-1-8.

      I did submit the story to LT3, but they were uncomfortable with some of the themes – which was fair enough, except the whole point was for the reader to be uncomfortable. I’ve tried a few other publishers since, but without luck.

      • It was intense and yes uncomfortable, but so well done. I’m a fan of Westworld too and I think as robotics continues to develop there will be real ethical questions. It’s fascinating!

  2. Powerful poem! I’ve been intrigued by the show but haven’t been able to watch it yet.

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