Nasty Warrior Women Unite! (Get a cool t-shirt + give to Planned Parenthood!)

How cool is this?

Bridget Essex, Author

Okay, guys! ♥ I’ve been researching t-shirt campaigns for non-profits these past few days. We’re poor as church mice, but if I can’t donate a crap ton of money to organizations that really need it right now like I WANT to, I had to think creatively.

So I created a Booster t-shirt campaign for Planned Parenthood! ♥ What does this mean? It means that ALL the profits from each sale of each t-shirt go to Planned Parenthood directly!

I’ve been thinking of slogans, and with a nudge from a friend, here’s the perfect one! What are we? Nasty warrior women! &heart; Wear your strength and courage on your sleeve AND donate to a great cause–it’s a win/win! ♥

These campaigns are ONLY running until Valentine’s Day, AND they need to have so many people purchase t-shirts in order for the campaign goal to be reached and for the t-shirts…

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