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The humanisation of ‘ex machina-ry

As a fan of science fiction from a young age, I have long been fascinated by tales of artificial intelligence. Isaac Asimov’s extensive use of robots as core characters made famous the Three Laws of Robots: A robot may not … Continue reading

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I kneel before no metal man

Grinding gears and screaming steel With thudding, thunking steps it came Tarmac tore beneath its feet Spitting acid, belching flame ‘Kneel before me, mortal men!’ The monstrous mechanism said Savagely it swung its arm – So many helpless humans dead … Continue reading

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aesthetic contradiction

I have been in a strange mood with this collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… tail of midnight blue wings ablaze with scarlet flame my dark, wondrous love the stone giants come rock hard in every way what pleasure awaits? … Continue reading

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I turn twice clockwise

A golden chain slinks round my neck With sinuous curves and tender grace A golden key suspends beneath Kept warm within a tender place It is the key that winds my love It lights her eyes and gives them life … Continue reading

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Immobile Queen

You sit unmoving, silent, still, A statue waiting without will, Unclothed, revealing beauty stark With wavy tresses long and dark Your skin is alabaster white Your eyes like sapphires, gleaming bright, Immobile Queen, your flesh is cold Your nerves have … Continue reading

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