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The humanisation of ‘ex machina-ry

As a fan of science fiction from a young age, I have long been fascinated by tales of artificial intelligence. Isaac Asimov’s extensive use of robots as core characters made famous the Three Laws of Robots: A robot may not … Continue reading

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Sexing the Succubus – Out of the erotica frying pan and into the horror fire

Imagine you are on your honeymoon, and you and your partner are blissfully happy in your shared intimacy. Suddenly a strange woman appears and all thoughts of love and fidelity are forgotten in a frenzy of animal lust for this … Continue reading

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Non-consensual consent

So, here’s a question I asked elsewhere, and it’s one that troubles me greatly: Q. If you modify a person (using genetics, chemicals, mind control, whatever) so that their desire for sex overrides any thought of denial, that no matter … Continue reading

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Caught Again

This isn’t a repeat post. It’s not even really a review. Annie Oakfield’s Caught, Part 2 of her erotic series The Bucket List, is now available from Amazon. I reviewed an ARC version here, where I expressed how upset I … Continue reading

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The Bucket List: Part Two – Caught

My heart did a little bounce yesterday. Annie Oakfield sent me an ARC of Caught, Part 2 of her erotic series, The Bucket List. I loved Part 1, and have been looking forward to Part 2. Once again Amber is … Continue reading

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Parasites! I have a question, one that I’ve been pondering since I started writing Suzie and the Monsters: Why is the idea of being attacked and possibly killed by a vampire, of the vampire drinking our blood with intense hunger … Continue reading

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