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What If? Saturday Morning Twittering with Saint Peter

what if saint petermeasures souls in syllables? (fewer the better) what if the stairway has a step for each promise broken selfishly? what if – oh! what if! – fame and fortune can be yours with just one more tweet? … Continue reading

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Haiku Twitterfest

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… haiku twitterfest five, seven and five again ad infinitum social media addictive necessity listen to my words! lustral liaison lovingly loquacious lips (luscious labia) all very sexy gender irrelevancy why discriminate? the goddess … Continue reading

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Idle Twittering

WordPress has been tweeting my blog posts for a while now, mostly only because I like the way Amazon’s author page displays your latest tweet. For the past few days, I’ve been actively tweeting – gosh – just a haiku … Continue reading

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