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Stopped by a Wall

chemical weapon falling from the skies and hills and stopped by a wall water’s too precious to flow to other people’s holdings with hearts and retweets drip dripping acidity and idealism their victory is measured in tears falling on gravestones … Continue reading

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crossing the imagined

two empty beer cans one drunk milky way a distant memory of stars blackberries and vines sweet intoxication flows from my thorn-spiled flesh between fire and flood a vale of unbelievers throw stones … it’s tee-time with sun’s set: a … Continue reading

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cold flesh on hot – how the forest burns

Humour pi quarters infinite trail of s.team… from the missing piece the hoops I jump through to avoid exercise… grammar’s a liar she lies in bed comma-toes what big teeth she has! but for a teddy bare Miscellaneous crush – … Continue reading

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dreaming of oceans – the nightingale escapes me

Water cry not for water tears are too precious to waste once we dreamed of oceans on Venus amidst spice-rich dunes water-sellers grow fat tears of conflict what use herbs without water we crossed oceans to make tea we are … Continue reading

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Her second kill

Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate, here’s the short story I wrote recently for the writing challenge on Adrianna Joleigh and David Kent’s new blog (Writer’s Gallery). * The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time. … Continue reading

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