the brush of petals on silken lips

The balcony is tolerable, shaded from the sun that screams forty degrees or more onto concrete and bricks. The guests are thirsty and tradition calls for beer. The guests call for beer. ‘Pivo!’ One of those words that every visitor to Serbia learns quickly.

my cheeks burn
I take a warm beer
from the freezer

The Danube and Silver Lake, near Veliko Gradiste, Serbia

The blue blue Danube – and Silver Lake, that was once a part of it…

The Universe

like Schrödinger’s cat
at one with the universe
I play solitaire

end of life on earth
encapsulated in ice
falling from heaven

drives us
to places new
we look forward
to happy birthdays

nightfall skirting the moon

Humour & Writing

long-tailed mockingbird
what stories I could tell
had I the words

writer hard at work
lust’s end – sexual tension
resolved between sheets

the teacher whistles
a different tune

old man
cane tuned
to a different age

rose blossoming between the canes

rose in tandem daisy chained

autumn dusk
the first rose bloomed
only yesterday

the brush of petals
on silken lips
I fall

pole star
twinkling… turning…
all eyes follow

porn star
as she goes down

Summer & Serbia

bats swifter than balls
knocking between trees
after sundown

zzz… sleep
the mosquito sings

blood on my hands
the mosquito sings
no more

warzone in the bathroom
I go for a walk – 6 a.m.
sun and roosters rise early

blinds and sheets
concealing intimacy
too hot for either

how calm the danube
vikings cross the waters
invade the land

beans cooked
over an open fire
this witchery
casts a summer spell
over the danube

dark rippling hills
beyond blue danube beauty
sun low in the west

chaos of swallows
merriment at silver lake
where once danube flowed

ice cream at the beach
gobbled up

a gift of perfume
ten year anniversary
not free of duty

vortex of air craft in a storm

it’s curious how
geographical features
persist in culture
the old lines still divide us
into fractions

plenty of nothing to do
laugh and sing and dance

Nature & Leaves

drunken merriment
bees amidst bright lavender
burn the waxing year

fields of lavender
I sing dilly dilly
to a queen

dead leaves an old story resurrected

autumn too soon we vote leave

of left and right
tea leaves

pomegranate tree
serpent and goddess entwined
with seeds of knowledge

first breath of autumn
leaves an anticipation
the unending wind

tethered in long grass
roots embedded in black soil
she orders the stars


the desert worm follows leaves
a trail of iron

dawn moon waning
her falling skirt

swishing tail cat eyes in the dark

how still the graveling!
utter silence in its stealth
and creeping horror

sea-made tale of romance

cracked skull – senseless

connecting the dots
in a universal game
we drink mother’s tears

this jealous passion
surpasses redemancy
take thy protests hence

entwined – a steam race

Pop Refs

calvin’s paradox
of free will subject to laws
thus humanity

stone burner
what my eyes cannot see
etched indelibly

we count down
to midnight

ashes . . . nothing left
but footprints of the dead

caught in a steel cage
mcclane cops a feel

swoosh of a starship
swirling of a nebula
a weekly voyage


gender blending…
were the cornerstones
laid on sand?

I walk on two legs
the spider says I can see
it’s all black and white

adam and eve
were one
were two
were three
too late now to close the gates…

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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  1. Noora says:

    Simply sublime! I truly enjoyed reading them.

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