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crossing the imagined

two empty beer cans one drunk milky way a distant memory of stars blackberries and vines sweet intoxication flows from my thorn-spiled flesh between fire and flood a vale of unbelievers throw stones … it’s tee-time with sun’s set: a … Continue reading

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Bathed in beauty

People like to talk about God as if they understand ‘Him’. They talk about infinity and eternity as if the human mind can encompass such concepts. Yet even our humble and finite, magnificent little star dwarfs the deities of human … Continue reading

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fire opals falling – I fear no arrows

Aromance banish the sunset! aromance is in the ir- idescent twilight Aphrodite laughs why must the world suffer for her caprices? I fear no arrows wild and free my goddess is both hunter and chaste my evergreen heart worships sun … Continue reading

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on the ramparts of beauty – dreams of bland perfection

Helen & Iphigenia Aphrodite won for romance defies logic when goddesses war once I saw Helen on the ramparts of beauty besieged on all sides Helen was pretext it was lust for gold that killed Iphigenia to a hero wed … Continue reading

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the calculus of you – string theory

Airy Creatures careful, butterfly! the breath of your wings is felt all over the world mid-summer airshow kittyhawk and vampire fly while sunbathers freeze vampires in white coats the science of bloodsucking grows almost painless bubbling rainbows such pleasure in … Continue reading

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The Slave-Girl and the Stars

Regan Nicole, of Lipstick Lesbian Reviews, who very kindly reviewed Alyth: Witch on Fire and, briefly, An Aromantic Romance and other tales (see A Lipstick Lesbian’s Reviews) has now also reviewed The Slave-Girl and the Vampire – thanks Regan! I’m … Continue reading

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