Repayment with Interest

Alex smiled, trying for sweet but finding only satisfaction. ‘Are the wrist cuffs too tight?’

Sam mumbled back and fought vainly against the restraints, before relaxing into a glower of black hatred.

‘Good, and the ankle cuffs? I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable.’ Alex’s fingertips traced lightly across Sam’s skin, pausing to pinch the nipples hard enough to make the captive squirm in protest.

Alex sighed. ‘When I told my parents that I didn’t want to get married – at all, let alone to you – my mother wailed to her gods about how she was cursed with an unnatural child. My father had me caned and told me I would treated like the lowliest servant until I came to my senses. I lasted all of three days before I broke down and begged forgiveness.

‘I think this one is your favourite. Is this your favourite?’ Alex dangled a belt in front of the now fearful eyes. ‘When I told you I didn’t want to marry you, when I begged you to withdraw your proposal, you laughed. You said I would learn to love you. I think, really, that the idea that I didn’t or couldn’t love you is one you refused to believe. How could anyone not love you?’

Sam screamed through the gag as the belt cracked down, leaving a trail of fire.

Alex laughed. ‘I see why you like it!’ This time the belt cracked down across Sam’s crotch. ‘So naked. So exposed. So vulnerable. So perfect…’ Another crack of the belt, hard across the thighs. ‘On our wedding night, I told you I didn’t want you to touch me. You ignored me. You used me to satisfy your own needs without a care for mine.’

Placing the coiled belt carefully on Sam’s bare chest, which rose and fell rapidly, Alex ran fingers teasingly across Sam’s inner thighs, and slowly higher, amused by Sam’s unwilling arousal. ‘How many times have you fucked me, ignoring my protests? How many times have you punished me for my resistance?’

Alex picked up the belt again. ‘I’m not going to fuck you – you’d probably enjoy it anyway – but I am going to repay, with interest, every punishment you’ve ever given me. And because you love me, you’re going to lie there and take it willingly. Because you deserve it, don’t you?’

Sam raged incoherently.

‘I understand,’ Alex said, and raised the belt.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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