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Deadly is the Female

★★★☆☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Laura Huntley’s blog LT3 Deadly is the female vampire, and especially so the lesbian vampire. Think about it. Straight female vampires always end up adoring a vastly superior alpha male vampire. Bisexual female vampires are generally … Continue reading

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Poetic Justice

It started with a pair of shoes… If only I had known what would Befall when in those heels I stood! A fate that I would never choose An unrepentent man was I So proud and cocksure in the way … Continue reading

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Repayment with Interest

Alex smiled, trying for sweet but finding only satisfaction. ‘Are the wrist cuffs too tight?’ Sam mumbled back and fought vainly against the restraints, before relaxing into a glower of black hatred. ‘Good, and the ankle cuffs? I wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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The Magic of Christmas

On Christmas Day I wake in tears An empty space beside me To knowing of another’s joy At being where I should be I hate the bastard, wish him dead, For faithless treachery For making me alone today No friends, … Continue reading

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