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Achievement makes them bold

Illyrium is bright in glass invisible elsewhere it feels like steam against the skin like static in the hair but isolate it in the lab you’ll prove that it’s not there The academics scowl and scorn declare that it’s a … Continue reading

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in living flesh

in living flesh with shrapnel cursed illyrium boils but does not burst it eats the organs, liver first the heart it hurts the worst no hope for life, save gold’s embrace in purest form a saving grace that noble metal’s … Continue reading

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The Lovelace Weave

If this makes no sense at all, don’t worry about it… Beneath her corset take a peek Her beating heart behold The trefoils of the Lovelace weave So elegant in gold Between the knots illyrium flows Until the circuit breaks … Continue reading

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Whence illyrium? – and other historical matters

When writing historical fiction, it is important to write for the modern reader and yet equally important to remember that language, environment and culture were very different in the past. Anachronisms both deliberate and accidental are likely to distract the … Continue reading

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spectres of illyrium

devils dance on the sands at night in moonless dark their revels bright poisonous illumined breath seductive silent call to death wind-roused wisps in a whisp’ring play ephemeral like woodland fae spectres of illyrium in unconfined delirium

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