An Exercise In Pointless Stupidity

I have a little black book with my poems in – a deliberate choice in reference to Pink Floyd. These are my poems as a teenager. Mostly love poems. This one isn’t a love poem, however. It’s pure daft nonsense (not unlike much of my more recent poetry) and technically flawed in so so so many ways…

The end of May approached headlong
And all the air was filled with song
But evil lurked around the block
In bright green shoes and light blue frock

This evil was a little girl
As lovely as a full grown pearl –
Or so it seemed to those around
But not as blind, the truth I found:

That little girl with cheeks so red
Was not alive – and yet not dead:
Behind her smile so filled with glee
A robot mind, I swear, had she

Revenge against the human world
Was mixed with lust: her plan unfurled –
To subjugate and wreck all males
Till free were all the hills and dales

And when the world had lost its men
No children would be born again
So thus the Earth be rid of us
And robots rule without a fuss

So as the end of May drew near
The female world was filled with fear
For countless men were filled with lust
And gave their souls into her trust

But at a single word – command –
Would kill themselves for her; remand
Their lives for she, their love of she
Misplaced but given helplessly

The women of the world did fume
For in this girl they saw their doom
They organised and schemed with speed
A team to do a deadly deed:

“To kill in any way it could
This creature that the men so wooed.”
And thus in May while birds did sing
In hope that team was lingering

For that sweet robot to appear
When round the block they heard a cheer
As there a thousand men had seen
A girl that reigned their hearts as Queen

And thus the team of girls knew then
This was the time to claim their men
They rushed around the block so quick
They seemed a blur! And with a flick

They sliced the head off from the girl.
The head slid far and with a whirl
Disgorged its innards everywhere;
And in the men there grew despair

As all their love had gone to waste
On nuts and bolts and glue and paste
They’d lost their souls, their eyes did smart
Each drew a knife and pierced his heart

And seeing this the girls did cry
With broken hearts they too did die
But this in turn caused others grief
The subsequent demise was brief…

The human race is dead and gone
Except for me. The robots won.
But even though they do not know
The fact remains that this is so.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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5 Responses to An Exercise In Pointless Stupidity

  1. Anneque G. Malchien says:

    I had a bit of a chuckle at the beheading, but it’s an intriguing story, even if a little inexpertly written. If Hollywood put out a movie about a robot seductress planning the doom of mankind, I’d see it, provided the execution was a cross between The Stepford Wives and 300. Replace the Spartans with an army of angry women and Xerxes with a beautiful robot girl, and bam! Magic.

  2. If this is teenage poetry, I am severely depressed, Frank! Is it nerdy to say I ABSOLUTELY loved it??? Well, I am a self professed nerd šŸ™‚

    • Frank says:

      Thank you šŸ™‚
      It always makes me smile, but it also makes me cringe in several places.
      Most of my other teenage poetry is much shorter and very focussed on one particular girl.

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