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The Power of Creation

How long she lay there, if lie there she did, she could not have said. The barren wasteland was no more; about her flowered a lush vale suffused with a gentle warmth and echoing with the run of water somewhere … Continue reading

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The Enchanted Forest: 12. The Silver Queen

“Mama?” She hadn’t changed at all, except for her hair that had once been black and straight but was now an effusion of silver curls. “Kari,” she said, and strode towards her. Kari surrendered to her mother’s embrace, to the … Continue reading

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Who I should be

“Transformation,” whispered he, “a woman you can be Just take this pill, for if you will, a marvel you shall see “This ugly flesh you so despise will melt away like ice To leave a form that’s feminine a beauty … Continue reading

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just take one sip

you tremble so! I crave your fiery blood what perfection found within a single tear yield to me and let there be a flood why live a life of common drudgery? embrace the dark, your woes will disappear you tremble … Continue reading

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Poetic Justice

It started with a pair of shoes… If only I had known what would Befall when in those heels I stood! A fate that I would never choose An unrepentent man was I So proud and cocksure in the way … Continue reading

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