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Chasing Tail in Bangkok

First, a bit of flirty fun: Impetuousness! Keep your hands off me, good sir! (Or prove you’re a man!) Anyway, from coquetry to the divine: golden lion girls temples glisten in the rain monkeys fight giants (Monkeys are on the … Continue reading

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My Top Ten … Fantastic Female Vampires

I like female vampires. I’m usually ranting about their portrayal in literature, but they’ve certainly made an impact on the big screen. I’m the not the first to make a ‘Top 10’, and won’t be the last, but here goes… … Continue reading

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The Naming of Women

Observations and experiences like these are depressingly common, but I stumbled across two today. The first was Kristen Cashore talking about why she has chosen to no longer interact via social media (FAQ: Why don’t you allow comments on your … Continue reading

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Free Vampire!

Do you think girls with fangs are sexy? Suzie and the Monsters is free on Amazon for Kindle for the next three days (January 17-19, 2013). Suzie doesn’t need a man, but she wants one. One in particular. She’s hungry … Continue reading

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