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Ah, Ms Bond! We meet at last…

“Give Bond breasts and we lose the magic behind the character,” writes Tim Stanley in the The Telegraph. “Bond is cast in primeval stone, unchanged by the centuries. He’s an alpha male who kills bad guys with foreign accents and … Continue reading

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Pansensual, Non-bisexual Vampires

I have just been reading Megan Cashman’s post on my favourite subject (see, e.g., here and here): The Ambiguous Sexuality of Vampires. I want to pick up on a couple of points. Interview With The Vampire People keep giving this … Continue reading

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Romantic and Sexual Orientations

While writing Suzie and the Monsters, I started thinking about sexuality. This was prompted by Cleo’s initial declaration that she doesn’t want a girlfriend and her subsequent passionate love for Suzie. I felt that it wasn’t really sufficient to say … Continue reading

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