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He took her breath away. Immaculately dressed, oozing confidence, deep blue eyes that penetrated her soul and stirred within her a hunger unlike anything she had ever known. He had the perfection of youth unmarred by wrinkles, but was a … Continue reading

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accursed dream! you night-spawned mare

accursed dream! you night-spawned mare you stir my loins, confounding rest bewitching me with fragrant air your wanton ways, how do you dare? my heart is pure, I’ll pass your test accursed dream! you night-spawned mare and yet, to see … Continue reading

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just take one sip

you tremble so! I crave your fiery blood what perfection found within a single tear yield to me and let there be a flood why live a life of common drudgery? embrace the dark, your woes will disappear you tremble … Continue reading

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Elevator Seduction

The elevator came to an abrupt halt and the lights went out. The emergency lighting spluttered briefly for a few seconds, then gave me one final wink – of approval perhaps – before casting us into utter blackness. By the … Continue reading

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O husband, dear, forgive me please

‘O husband, dear, forgive me please I have betrayed your trust I met a sweet and handsome man And yielded to my lust ‘His kisses made me melt with need His fingers burned my skin I looked into his sea-blue … Continue reading

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Alyth’s Library Adventure

My friend Alyth, who reads my blog but still hasn’t even glanced at my novels (hint! hint!), was looking rather pale today, under the weather, a thick blue woollen scarf wrapped around her neck as she sat with me in … Continue reading

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