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a father’s love

bridal offering a proud father marches her into the sunset blood of a virgin untouched by a father’s love first blood washing her father’s feet * cassandra wept – the last drop would be her own * medusa’s beauty masked … Continue reading

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Iphigenia, or: The Girl From Ipinama

Sententiae Antiquae, one of the blogs I follow, publishes translations of interesting passages from Ancient Greek and Latin. This month, he has had a series of posts on the topics of Helen and Iphigenia. #MythMonth: Agamemnon’s Daughter, in particular, looks … Continue reading

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Iphigenia in Paradise

Onomastics Outside the Box brought to my attention that Iphigenia is mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy, in Canto V of Paradise. I myself once followed Dante through Inferno and halfway up Purgatory, but never reached Paradise… I reached for my … Continue reading

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Iphigenia in Splott

Iphigenia in Aulis Artemis, having been deeply offended by the arrogance of Agamemnon, demonstrated just why you should never risk the wrath of the gods. At the moment of Agamemnon’s greatest triumph, the assembled armies of Greece under his command, … Continue reading

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Iphigenia at Brauron

Brauron (Vravrona), near Loutsa, is by the coast east of Athens, and there is a sanctuary there dedicated to Artemis. It is there, legend says, that Iphigenia (or Iphigeneia) is buried. In 1998, I sat there by her grave, a … Continue reading

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