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Too Much Too Fast – Supergirl’s Intransigence and Illogic

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of Supergirl – or, at least, of my own interpretations of her. I know little of her from the comic books, and mostly my concept of her is derived from the … Continue reading

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Doctor Who?

I love Doctor Who. I distinctly remember being thrilled and terrified by it on many occasions as a child. I was thrilled when it came back with Christopher Eccleston, and I loved the intensity of David Tennant. I even liked … Continue reading

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60-Year-Old Granny Terrifies British Government

I have a beautiful wife and child. If the current laws on visas and immigration had existed seven years ago, I don’t know that I would even be married now. The idea that my daughter might not have existed is… … Continue reading

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Immortal Perfection – The Amaranth and the Plot Hammer

Strong Heroines and Vulnerability FanFiction Fridays recently posted And Another Thing… which has a list of observations on writing gleaned from The Write Stuff. Two points in particular caught my eye: It’s ok to have two characters date each other. … Continue reading

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but writing makes it so

(‘Nothing is good or bad but writing makes it so.’ – funny observation by bottledworder: Five observations on writing.) I do a lot of ranting on this blog about the tropes used in vampire novels, most often complaining about: my … Continue reading

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