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The Power of Creation

How long she lay there, if lie there she did, she could not have said. The barren wasteland was no more; about her flowered a lush vale suffused with a gentle warmth and echoing with the run of water somewhere … Continue reading

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The Tree

The tree was the heart of the Garden, thick roots stretching out in all directions from the base of its ancient trunk, beneath a vast umbrella of green shot through with rays of golden sunlight. “It’s as old as the … Continue reading

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The Wall

Lilith watched her man climb the slope below her. Like everything else in the Garden, Adam was imbued with vigour and beauty, and a hunger for him stirred within her. A hunger laced with frustration. She lifted her gaze to … Continue reading

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Forged with a mercurial temper

List carefully, and beware, my blade is forged with a mercurial temper Hither have I flown on quick silver wings with the sun blazing righteous behind me I speak with the voice of man – of mankind – with the … Continue reading

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The sin of pride

Was it the sin of pride that set Lilith against Adam, and against God? Did she lack sufficient humility to accept her place in Eden’s hierarchy? Or did she perceive an injustice that she could not in good conscience accede … Continue reading

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Defining the Bitch

‘Tell me,’ J.D. Crawford asks, ‘what do you believe defines a bitch? Also, what do people do, say or look like to create certain judgments?’ My reply, yesterday, cheeky-but-serious, was: ‘A bitch is a female who is independent and/or successful … Continue reading

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